June 11, 2010


Things are constantly changing in my life. Some days I feel like I lead a pretty boring lifestyle, but if I sit and think about all that is going on in my life, I realize my life is anything but boring.

This summer, through the help of fundraising and lots of work, I am employed full-time at the United Church of Rogers Park as the volunteer coordinator. I am assisting the minister of education and outreach with coordinating the children's summer camp that will run for 5 weeks in July and August, helping run a mission trip program for highschool students, and helping start an intentional community. Beginning July 1, I will be moving into this community.

I'm a bit sad about leaving the Ella Baker House, but I won't have to pay rent in the new place because it will be part of my pay for work so it was a hard offer to turn down. After deciding to leave the Ella Baker House, everyone else decided to move out as well. I was a little frustrated because I was hoping the community would continue on without me, and maybe it will because the people moving in after us were attracted by an ad talking about community, but we'll see. Life doesn't always work out as nicely as you plan.

In the fall, I will begin at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in the MA program for Christian Education. I'm hoping that after getting some basic theology credits done, I will be able to switch into the PhD program. I'm really wanting to study Education for Social Change and I think look specifically at how the church can be a vehicle for this type of education.

There are so many things going on that life feels just a little crazy right now. But that's how I function the best, so I think I'll just hold on to the wild ride.