September 22, 2008

Dusting off my Rusty Pen

I've decided to become a writer. As a young child I dreamed of growing up and publishing a book. The genres varied depending on what I was interested in. When I had a crush on a boy who liked to draw, I decided I would be a children's book author and he would be my illustrator. Obsessed with Nancy Drew, I thought writing mysteries would be fun. Then young adult fiction. Then adult fiction. As I entered academia, my interest turned to non-fiction. Though I always had these dreams and claimed one of my hobbies was writing, the results from them hobby were far from prolific. As a child I had notebook after notebook full of the beginnings of stories, but following elementary school, my writing tapered off. I kept a personal journal that was mostly filled with ramblings about my most recent boy problems or successes, but I produced little else beyond the requirements for classes.

Starting today I declare I am going to change. I have always dreamed of writing a book and perhaps that will be my eventual goal. But as for now, I want to see if I can become a published author through articles. One can make an income from writing these sorts of pieces and perhaps this would be of assistance to me considering that I do have rent to pay. But though earning income is a nice bonus, my goal for now is to write daily and see if I can be published, whether I am paid or not. If I do plan on writing a book one day, I can't just sit down and begin to write one day and expect to be successful. Writing is an art that takes practice. So practice is what I will do. As of today, I claim to be a writer and will dedicate time each day to practicing my art and hopefully soon will have published proof that I am indeed a writer.