October 26, 2009

Push Me....

I've been thinking a lot about art lately and writing a bit. Here's a poem that came to me today in the library after coffee with a friend. I've been struggling a lot lately with the state of the world. I want to change the world. I see myself as an agent of social change. There is so much wrong with it. But sometimes I feel so overwhelmed. It's hard to find hope. There is so much bad in the world that sometimes it's hard to think that the change and revolution so many long for will ever come. This poem stems from some of my feelings. I haven't written a lot of poetry and think this poem needs some more work. But here's a first taste of something I've written.

Push me
Make me see something new
Something different

Push me
Make me uncomfortable
So uncomfortable I squirm

Push me
Out of my comfort
Out of my indifference
Out of my complacency

Push me
To learn something new
To evolve
To change the world