June 3, 2009

I am currently reading "Last Child in the Woods; Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder," and I am finding it fascinating. Richard Louv talks about so many things that I often think about.

I grew up in the dirt. We had a huge backyard and my brother and I would spend the summers outdoors. We would build forts with the help of our dad, play trucks, my Barbies would go camping, we'd hike and explore, and so much more. I think that has greatly affected my love of nature and caused me to care greatly about our Earth. It's frightening to think that many kids don't have these experiences and thus don't have this love of nature or environmentalism. There is so much talk about the green movement right now, but if people don't have these passions hardwired into them as I do, will this fad fade in a few years? It can't or we will be in huge trouble.

This book has also made me think about how much time I spend indoors. I need to reach out and reconnect and cultivate my love of nature. This is not always easy living in the city. But if I don't, I feel as if a huge part of myself is missing.Link