April 7, 2008

On Saturday night, Erik, Ben and I sat down and played an entire game of Risk. This is not a simple undertaking as even with only three people (and me being eliminated pretty quickly), the game took well over three hours. Despite this fact it was very enjoyable.

This event got me thinking about games. I feel like people don't play board games as often. If we take time to relax with a game, we are much more likely to play video games. But I think an element of community is lost with video games. Yes, there are games connected to the internet so you can play with people all over the world. And yes, you can play with groups of people in your own home. But you are still all staring at one screen rather than each other. I believe there is much to be gotten from looking the people you are playing in the eye. Board games move much slower and allow for conversation to take place in between moves.